Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie DIVORCED one day after they got married in France
when they realized that French law forces them to pay 75% of their income in taxes



Picture of Baby Einstein developing the theory of relative opportunity



Pictures without captions would be like comedy without words



New studies show that same-sex marriage may NOT be as thrilling as it was touted to be



The rule of natural random selection says that inevitably, some women are much more beautiful than most of the rest



Blue People Liberation Army insurgent looking for a credible niche on the map of politically correct radical activism



If you come to a fork in the road, take both



A letter from Franz Kafka



The subliminally official stadium of Brazilian football



American GIs are still hanging out in Normandy, making sure that France remains a free and sovereign nation



Chinese girl with very extravagant eyes



If you see an INVERTED picture above, you may need to have your variable comprehension adjusted



The new economy seats on Air France



Picture of Gabriel García Márquez during a phone conversation with God



Picture of a devoted wife embracing her imaginary husband



You can try to open a door with the wrong key or you can break a window with a solid cloud, it's your choice !



You can lead a fool to this website, but you can't make him think



Words are to pictures what oxygen pills are to underwater ballet



police, officer, harley, davidson

Quixotic police officer pulling over a speeding Harley Davidson on the Pacific Coast Highway



giotto, renaissance, florence, uffizi

With a clever use of perspective, anyone can these days look like a masterpiece of Florentine art



gazette, journal, newspaper

Children reading the Morphyne Gazette. Paris.1936.



paris, nice, autoroute

Paris to Nice in less than one week



glass. half, empty, full, haiku

Some people see this glass as half empty while others see this glass as half full,
but I prefer to see this glass as half crazy and the other half as half cool



This boy would like you to know that life is only as good as what you can do with the luck of your draw



anti, government, protester, fighter

Some of the best portrait photography happens frequently in the world of life and death journalism



arrival, jesus, spain

The arrival of Jesus in Spain



indian, india, soldier

This is what cannabis does to a professional soldier in an army of men



couple, relationship, marriage

Husband and Wife. The Final Episode.



winter, cold, weather

It is SO cold in the Northeast right now that people evaporate into a fine mist of powdered ice crystals



annie, wintour, vogue

Annie was born on January 1, 2000.
She is the first 14-year-old editor-in-chief of a major New York magazine,
and while the rights to this story are still being optioned, the only teenage girl to ever replace Anna Wintour.



buddhist. buddhism, tibet

Buddhist monk vigilante keeping an eye on his village



yoga, asana, pose

A morphyne is a very dexterously balanced thought which has not yet found its intuitive audience



pope, francis, vatican

Picture of Pope Francis catching a divine cold



ski, mountain, winter

Picture of Los Angeles during winter



cows, snow, winter

Cows without GPS



My neighbor insists that she is my wife, but the fact that she lives in my house
and that she has my children actually makes her my perfectly convenient mistress as well as the love of my life



little, girl, hat

Later in life, this miniature lady developed a family,
a literary career, a Pulitzer Prize and a chic online salon for very cute little hats



underwater, klimt, nude

Photo by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)



israel, syria, war

My room is sometimes cold in the summer and hot during winter, but it always has this view of an impossible spring



color, light, invention, venice

Color and light were invented in Venice by a submarine captain who would tell stories very few people would ever believe



national, geographic, photo, contest

Morphing is the art of blending into the environment by making perception as conventional and as predictable as it seems



helicopter, ride, landscape, aerial, view

Sunday morning trip to Mont Saint-Michel in our family helicopter



black, white, blue, color, contrast, light

Black and white contrast with a touch of blue bidimensional light



LAX, airbus, boeing, beach

Los Angeles beach whisperer taking off on a very comfortable nap around the world



married, woman, couple, marriage

Happily married woman watering the garden



place, concorde, paris, france

There is a moment in time every morning when I meet all the great artists who ever lived in this city,
and even though they cannot really see me, I speak to them as if they were my students and I was their friend



hollywood, freeway, traffic, dead

This is how rush hour on the Hollywood freeway looks like after you're dead



horny, fuck, suck, dick, pussy

When there is nothing to eat in the bedroom



samsung, note, smartphone

If it looks like an apple, quacks like an apple and walks like an apple, it's a Samsung



paris, france, architecture

A rectangular picture of our panoramic office in Paris



travel, magazine, tour

Nothing is not only not the capital of Arizona, California or Nevada,
but not even the most popular tourist destination for people who do not want to see nothing interesting



grand, canyon, mountains, rafting, fire

Lightning struck the Grand Canyon last night and set it on fire.
Thousands of miles of red sandstone mountains and rapid whitewater rivers are burning completely out of control.



milan, fashion, show, paris, gay

It is against the law to pretend that who you are is not the same person as the one who seems to be someone else



london syria war

People standing in line for an uncertain tomorrow



pulitzer prize winner 2013

The 2014 Pulitzer Prize winners were announced yesterday. For some reason, (again) did NOT win.



UFO area 51
Area 51 was declassified by the CIA, which immediately confirmed the fact
that extraterrestrials have been building secret military aircraft for the State Department for the last 68 years



cinderella conceptual art story

There comes a time when the fairy tale is irremediably over
and when Prince Charming gets on your nerves more than the divorce proceedings are worth



cancer cell microscopic has produced the first-ever high-definition picture of a sexually active CANCER bacteria.
The lethal bugger lies dormant in your internal organs until, driven by irresistible lust,
it decides to compulsively, obsessively and existentially copulate with your health.



facebook zuckerberg smartphone

Facebook will launch its own smartphone. The phone will allow you to call your friends, your friends' friends
or any other friends you've never met in your life or online, individually, anonymously or ALL of them at the very same time.



obama signature law

President Obama signed new legislation which unequivocally legalizes morphyne,
except in Los Angeles, New York and everywhere else in-between



pussy riot snowden russian

Convicted Russian protester daydreaming about meeting an American NSA whistle-blower



anthony weiner huma abedin mayor sexting

Picture of Anthony Wiener [sic] explaining the theory of relative infidelity
where enfidelity equals the mess of psychopathic irresponsibility times the speed of lies, square

einstein theory relativity



huma abedin anthony weiner sexting

Happy as a blooming rosebud, Huma Abedin-Weiner is PROUD of her faithful, truthful and straightforward husband



deepak chopra trayvon zimmerman

Had Trayvon Martin been a thoughtful Ivy League laureate and George Zimmerman a sage Deepak Chopra wannabe,
the outcome of the Florida trial would have been a whole lot more confusing, don't you think ?



abortion debate texas planned parenthood

Miss Texas won the Politically Correct Miss U.S.A. Beauty Pageant. Miss Dewhurst (L) came in second.



harem, sex, women

A reverse harem is an open union between a woman and a group of select men who are there to love, to praise, to please and to serve her.
After thousands of years of male tyranny, the reverse harem comes as a new, modern and politically (in)correct form
of societal retribution among independent, self-sufficent and open-minded Middle-Eastern and Far-Eastern women.



same sex marriage gay homosexual

A happy young bride celebrating his wedding



manhattan new york wall street cosmopolitan

Manhattan Capitalists Occupying Wall Street



supermodel supermarket baby cosmetic make-up

The baby milk section in a supermodel supermarket



family marriage couple life

He then produced irrefutable proof that she was NOT doing enough to raise the child and to manage the household



bono u2 hollande bill gates

What do Bono, François Hollande and Bill Gates have in common ?
They formed a new French rock band which has WAY too much money to spend.



lingerie sex fuck blowjob

Life is giving us many choices, but some of them are easier to make than you'd think



drowning man flood disaster death

Drowning man asking for help



north korea war danger imminent threat rocket weapon

The U.S. Ambassador to North Korea watching a nuclear rocket take off



david mamet

Professional intellectual pugilist David Mamet preparing for the Glengarry word fight



cosmetic aesthetic surgery face doctor

Magazine clipping cosmetic surgery is very convenient because it costs only pennies per face,
it is very easy to remove and replace, you can look like anyone else in the world (including celebrities)
you can change your look anytime, you can look young, perfect and glamorous, all day long every day
or you can have that Parisian je ne sais quoi look, just like an art masterpiece at the fabulous Musée d'Orsay



uffizi prado louvre art museum sex

And suddenly ART CLASS turned into a luring, mind-bending and irresistible dream



chessboxing chess boxing ring move sport

Chessboxing is a new sport in which you are allowed to slap or to punch your opponent whenever he makes a bad move.
Offensive words of any kind are permitted, which is why chessboxers always wear garbage-canceling headphones.
The sport is very successful wherever alcohol, pride, property, race, sex, money or politics are involved.



maurice tabard bazaar-magazine photoshop illusion special effect b&w black and white photography

Room with a view



youth face mask cosmetic surgery

The 20-year-old-looking DNA face mask is the latest trend among middle-aged women who wish to look young whenever they want



bhl bernard-henri levy la regle du jeu france pope francis vatican catholic jewish muslim hindu buddhist church

The world has a new pope.
The news and the photo have nothing in common,
but neither do the billions of people who have nothing in common with the Catholic church.



baldessari art gallery museum modern text painting

Lacking any trace of visual inspiration, this artist simply wrote down how he wants his artwork to work



horsemeat horse meat beef scandal england france supermarket tesco

The horse meat scandal in Europe seems to have reached optical illusion proportions



zuckerberg facebook friends news feed story photo

Mark Zuckerberg explains how uses photos to create news feed stories



hong kong china chinese real estate market

China will overtake the United States, Germany and Japan to become the number one economy in the world



white house obama sex daily schedule michelle cia briefing iphone

Early morning sex. Check. Breakfast with Michelle. Check. Daily CIA briefing. Check. Read Morphyne on my iPhone. Priceless.



obama skeet gun guns weapon nra bear arms second amendment

Entering the White House grounds is absolutely prohibited. Trespass at your own risk.



rodney smith manhattan new york ferry vogue vanity fair GQ magazine cover photo

Daily commuters waiting for the Manhattan ferry



federal budget director office management obama

The director of the federal budget waiting for the arrival of spring



michelle obama inauguration ball party dress president white house bedroom sex photo

-Honey, is that a Smith & Wesson .95 in your pocket ?



cosmetic surgery aesthetic esthetic facelift botox look skin looking fat dermabrasion liposuction american academy of licensed doctor

Scotch tape is the latest medical breakthrough in cosmetic surgery
because it eliminates wrinkles, it defies gravity and it gives you a healthy, upbeat and natural look



butterfly butterflies color flower petal ultraviolet pollinate nectar green garden photo

The advantage of having butterflies as house pets is that they do not bark, scratch the furniture,
chew on remote controls, poop on the carpet, chase squirrels or come home with dead mice in their mouth.
Domestic butterflies feed on ultraviolet flower colors and turn into white unicorns once a year.



NASA Mars Curiosity rover rock planet meteorite galaxy scientist astronomer jet propulsion laboratory lab labs pasadena photo picture

A Mars rover enthusiast shows undeniable proof that LIFE has been found on that planet



Picture of René Magritte without a hat and without the trademark apple



Christmas tree for very depressed people



Warning : writing may be hazardous to your life



Pope Benedict XVI visiting a Popemobile dealership



Banking executives examining a painting by Jackson Pollock from an ACCOUNTING perspective



This man is about to jump off the CLIFF after he found out that his wife is sleeping with a FISCAL inspector



Self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh during his sane, happy, successful and very well paid art period



They say that after you die, you cross the river of Hades in a boat full of bird droppings.
It stinks so bad you can vomit, there is no water to drink where you're going,
no showers, no beds, no food, no air conditioning, no concierge, it is AWFUL !



Flying house owners do not have to pay property taxes because they are not connected to the conventional laws of the land



Dead people protesting against abysmal living conditions



Middle-aged woman suddenly realizing that an entire chapter is missing from her irreversible life



Michael Phelps does not seem to be able to comprehend
that the Olympics are over and that the gold medal count has come to an end



Adobe Photoshop allows toddlers to be self-sufficient even while both parents are at work



In this new adaptation of Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina", Keira Knightley plays a British actress who moves to Beverly Hills,
finds international fame and unlimited acting success (Oscar for Best Actress in 2013) makes an OBSCENE amount of money,
becomes politically involved (L) and marries a rock musician who has his own private jet. Happy end.



Unlike the Occupy Wall Street movement, this demonstration consists of gainfully employed, responsible and sober adults
who are only asking for a positive inner balance and for a daily moment of spiritual peace with the self



President Obama has developed a massive economic stimulus plan which will invest in good weather
while at the same time he announced severe austerity measures designed to cut as much as 20% of the rain



If the national debt continues to grow at this pace ( $3.92 billion per day )
the Great Wall of China will eventually extend to Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York



Polls show that 54% of all Americans are now in favor of gay marriage,
while 46% are concerned with the fact that it is very difficult to determine if the first group has been telling the truth



Military marriage is an alternative form of matrimonial union
where rank and discipline replace love and romance based on a very strict code of enforceable rules



With a little help from the Fish Whisperer, this toddler won the National Spelling Bee by correctly spelling the word "H2O"



apple mac icar

Steve Jobs had a secret ambition : to build the world's best automobile, to conquer 50% of the market
and to show all other manufacturers how to harvest a beautifully efficient machine.
But Steve Jobs died on October 5th, 2011. stepped in and completed the dream.



Studies show that most couples can find the illusion of everlasting love by watching a very uplifting and inspiring film



Even though François Hollande is the President of France and Barack Obama is the President of the United States,
they discovered that they have a whole lot in common when they both agreed that it feels absolutely GREAT to be king



Catholic tennis is the second most popular religious activity among evangelical hedonists



Quietly determined protester and 99% OCCUPIE warrior demonstrating for a yet unclear and unspecified cause



Dead soldier patrolling the city of Jerusalem on a peaceful and beautiful day



Every day after work, Barack Obama rides the bus back home to the blue-collar neighborhood where he lives with his family



Barack Obama has this recurrent dream about what would have happened had he married Claudia Schiffer instead



Attorney General Eric Holder sued the Sheriff of Arizona for upholding the law, he sued Apple for being excessively efficient
and he sued the Supreme Court for being too bipartisan, white, rich, educated and old



Pas de deux with well directed faux pas and perfectly scripted trompe l'oeil



After a certain age, you tend to look in all the wrong places and to lamentably miss all the really GOOD parts



The YouTube Generation's Guide to the Great Masters of Cinema Classics :

Charlie Who ?
Orson Weinstein
Henry Ford
Adolf Hitcock
Frederic Ophelini
aQira Currosawa
Yingmar Berman
Fransoix Truefault
Michelangelo Anonymi
Ramón Polandsky
Stanley Cubik
Frances Koppolah
Marvin Scoresissy
Woody Helen

Copyright @



Mona Lisa twenty years before she was photographed by Leonardo da Vinci



Morphyne calligraphy takes YEARS to complete and can only be deciphered by those with an eye for true wit



Picture of me as a boy



Cellular cloning means that you may be communicating with people you might NOT want to communicate with
or with people who are perfectly aware that you have NO idea who they are



To add STEALTHINESS to his game, Kobe Bryant wears a FACE MASK which renders him unrecognizable to opposing NBA teams



Not having won any Oscar this year, he went back to his room and watched Oprah reruns for the rest of the night



Paying off the national debt one Chinese restaurant at a time



Those in FAVOR of paid maternity leave, please raise your hand at this point !



If art museums make you feel any better, then art museums should be covered by national health care



-What ? I am not allowed to speak on my cellphone in public ?



In response to Facebook's IPO filing which created a few hundred millionaires and a bunch of new billionaires,
the Occupy Wall Street movement decided to occupy Facebook and to claim its own fair share of the jackpot, why not ?



The new Apple iPhone 5 does NOT have a screen because it communicates directly with the eyes and the voice in your mind



Nicolas Sarkozy turned down an offer to be the President of Bruxelles



This bridge connects the headquarters in the Hollywood Hills with the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre



Debt, deficit, recession, unemployment, inflation do not mean anything to this girl.
If she and her family can survive another year, she'll be happy.
Happy new year, little girl !



Polar bears hibernate underwater during winter, but they surface just in time for the exhilarating arrival of spring



The guy in the middle is by far the most powerful man on the planet



It's official : Berlin is now 100% JEWISH !



“The Protester” was named Time magazine’s person of the year. The owner of the van was NOT given a chance to respond.



These people were BLOWN AWAY by a speech President Barack Obama masterfully teleprompted today



"American Idol" is a very popular television show in Venezuela because it attracts contestants from ALL walks of life



By using a VERY intense concentration technique, this man can manage to stay in this suspended position for over one hour



Mark Zuckerberg spoke against the financial institutions' inability to make as much money as his personal income



The Shopping Season is that favorite time of the year
when people love to buy things they don't really need or to replace them with things they already have



This store detective has a 100% apprehension rate in the produce department



Wall Street banker begging for a million-dollar cash bonus on the streets of Manhattan



Did you know that Vladimir Putin now works as a full-time KGB dentist ?



The Dalai Lama will be retiring soon, so a replacement for the lifetime Buddhist demigod had to be found in a hurry



McDonald's employee taking orders at a drive-thru window somewhere in deep insurgent Taliban territory



A Beverly Hills judge sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 30 days in jail after she admitted that she is addicted to a daily dose of



Statistics shows that from the point of view of a toddler, most people are strange, complicated and OLD



Future U.S. voter proudly marking his territory



Supermodel wife Carla Bruni wearing an evening gown designed by Nicolas Sarkozy



Did you know that an un-authorized biography of Steve Jobs written in Chinese by anonymous writers
is 99% cheaper than the true Steve Jobs biography written in English by a professional biographer like Walter Isaacson ?



The 2012 Morphyne Obamamobile with moonroof jacuzzi and election campaign tax-the-rich teleprompter



New York City sanitation worker cleaning up after those pesky Occupy Wall Street protesters



The reaction of the Saudi ambassador to the United States upon realizing that Iran had plans to assassinate him in Washington D.C.


formula theory of relativity einstein

Dr. Ralph Steinman, a winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Medicine, died of PANCREATIC CANCER three days before winning the prestigious award. 
The winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry won for discovering invisible traces of H2O in tap water, 
the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics disappeared in a self-made expanding black hole, 
the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics declared bankruptcy, 
the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was arrested for domestic battery and spousal abuse
and the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature admitted experiencing complete writer's block while writing the award-winning novel. 



Peanut butter and bacon donuts can actually help you LOSE weight,
because dead people weigh LESS than the people who eat a balanced low-calorie diet



While shopping incognito at Target, First Lady Michelle Obama went completely UNRECOGNIZED
(except by the army of casually dressed Secret Service agents who were acting as shoppers or as indifferent cashiers)



Spanish bullfighter José Tomás was killed by a bull in Barcelona today.
Texting while bullfighting is the number one cause of death in Catalonia's bullrings these days.



Islamic Lingerie



Dead man reminiscing his youth



Real parents with fictional children



The Art Police



Why work when you can SING ?



Single young women looking for a few REAL men



This is what happens when you hire an unstable, undependable and unreliable contractor



synchronized swimming

Young girls taking part in an unsynchronized swimming competition



divorce marriage wedding

Picture of an ever-recurring divorce



Luxus pick-up truck

The new Lexus pick-up truck features an air-conditioned soft leather bed, a fully automatic invisible hard top,
an all-you-can-dream virtual minibar and a 360º holographic karaoke machine



Woody Allen Cannes opening photo

As a condition of his participation, Woody Allen demanded that he be the ONLY member of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival jury



osama obama bin laden

Picture of Osama bin Laden writing today's news on his laptop computer



Pakistan 60 Minutes CBS

Pakistani special forces proudly exhibiting the ability to find Al Qaeda terrorists hiding openly in their country



osama obama opium heroin

Picture of Osama bin Laden AFTER his death



Picture of Cristiano Ronaldo begging for some attention



Obama tax socialism photo

President Obama warning Americans making more than $250,000 a year that there will be CONSEQUENCES if they continue to do so



Taliban Afghanistan graffiti wall

Eclectic Taliban characters taking the bus from Kabul to New York



Courtney Cox cougar photo

Picture of a contemplative COUGAR daydreaming about what could have happened had she lived seven lives



Air Force France NATO bomber photo

This French Air Force crew on a NATO mission to Libya
GOT LOST in the confusing European airspace and ended up bombing the hell out of Belgium



Downtown Los Angeles Frank Gehry nuclear power plant photo

Designed by Frank Gehry, this modern nuclear power plant overlooking Downtown Los Angeles
features a five-star restaurant, an indoor swimming pool bar, complimentary limousine service
and free subconscious access to MORPHYNE.COM photographer hitchhiking fukushima benghazi tripoli libya no fly zone photo photographer hitchhiking from Fukushima to Benghazi (today)



Japan earthquake tsunami photo

The good news about the nuclear tragedy in Japan is that plutonium isotopes only last around for two thousand years
so by the time you will reach that critical age, you should be free and clear of any radiation at all



Unemployed unemployment employed employee union labor worker photo

Unemployment is DOWN to 8.9% due to the fact that many companies are hiring people without pay
or replacing full-time jobs with no-time jobs which pay less than the official illegal immigrant wage



Vogue Cosmopolitan Vanity Fair Bazaar Paris haute couture fashion photo

An apple once or twice every day would definitely keep the doctor from this very fancy hotel room away



sail boat sailing solo yacht around world ocean voyage NYSE

Julien Berthier is attempting to sail around the world on a sinking boat.
The voyage is sponsored by the New York Stock Exchange.



electric car hybrid energy efficient automobile auto show future photo predicts that kite-powered cars will be the automobiles of the future



Facebook Twitter YouTube Tahrir Square Cairo Egypt Mubarak revolution photo

Social networks and media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ignited the Arab Spring power coups
much the same way set fire to the Tour de France and the French Revolution



hitler, nazi, muslim, islamic

Adolf Mubarak was the rock star of modern Islamic fundamentalist women



BMW 335i Coupe : $43,900. The latest iPhone: $599. Verizon Unlimited Plan: $79.99.
Texting while driving: Priceless.



India religious festival celebration water river H2O Sisyphus Buddha photo

A man with a shovel digging a hole in the water



McDonalds Paris Louvre Pyramide Pyramides fast food burger hamburger mcrib french france gourmet food restaurant photo

McDonalds opened a very chic, expensive, elegant and discreet restaurant here in Paris



Jerry Brown governor state california schwarzenegger taxes marijuana dope immigration disaster bankruptcy photo

On his first day on the job, California Governor Jerry Brown announced that he would like to see property taxes go up 100%,
that smoking marijuana while driving an automobile should be legal and that Mexican border checkpoints will be a thing of the past



surf surfing surfboard

The writer of during work hours



Assange wikileaks photo

New spectroscopic evidence shows that Julian Assange is not only infrared, but also ultraviolet, radioactive and toxic



London school economics europe crisis recession depression business photo

Business people praying for the economic recession to somehow go away by itself



Romain Duris photo

According to a study conducted by the Morphyne Institute, nine people in ten have no idea who the tenth person is



Obama stimulus plan deficit inflation recession depression low dollar bill photo

You might not know this, but the Obama Stimulus Plan generates an average of 2,000 kilowatt calories per hour



Michael Moore fat cholesterol burger fries fried onion milk shake milkshake lipitor dead death photo

Michael Moore's very last POV on this planet



hamburger sandwich fast food photo

Recession steak with Prozac cheese and deferred vegetables



Tiger Woods golf champion sex blonde scandal

Where else could Tiger Woods stare at this point ?



Paris Hilton Lindsay Logan court jail cocaine marijuana alcohol sex photo

Her attorney looked at her boobs and decided : "Yep. Those two are well worth my time today in this court!"



Shakespeare Hamlet stage theatre Jewish Jerusalem play photo

In this latest stage version of Shakespeare's masterpiece, HAMLET rants effusively about the joy of cyclical penitence, repentance and guilt



Apple TV Steve Jobs future television photo

The NEW Apple TV has no screen and no remote control
because it uses your own imagination to transmit picture and sound straight to your eyes and your brain



Letterman Leno Carson TV show photo

Long before David Letterman, Jay Leno and Johnny Carson, there was the NBC show on



sex sexy slut whore fuck naked foreplay porno xxx smut photo

Sex after the age of 100



red wine euphoria sex photo

Red wine can make you see things you would never admit you would rather see



President Barack Obama signed a sweeping Passive Change Bill,
which says that the more things stay the same, the more likely they are to fluctuate imperceptibly,
to stagnate exponentially or to improve retroactively



circus street child children paris france photo uninhibited readers reacting to our latest international news



louisiana gulf mexico BP oil spill coast beach

TRAVEL DEALS around the Gulf of Mexico are more than abundant these days.
Hotel rooms with a black oil sludge beach view for instance are less than twenty dollars a day.
Dead pelicans on your balcony or fish gasping for air in your shower might get you the room 100% FREE.
Crude oil in the drinking water might translate into FREE EVIAN.
Nausea and vomiting caused by unbreathable air might even get you a free trip to the BAR.



Medvedev Jobs iPhone

Steve Jobs shows Russian President Dmitry Medvedev live video footage of Russian spies spying for Russia in New York



Steve Jobs iphone photo

Picture of Steve Jobs trying to figure out the new telepathic operating system developed ny



shaquille o'neal nba photo

Shaquille O'Neill competed in the 2010 National Spelling Bee, but unfortunately did not get very far



If you see a whole lot of ORANGE in this black-and-white picture, it means you have taken too much medication today



Mexico Mexican hotel hotels beach resort cruise vacation cancun los cabos photo

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck northern Mexico on Easter Sunday,
but since most Mexicans live in the United States, hardly anybody was hurt.
Only TWO people have died.
One Mexican man died of a panic attack while burglarizing a home
and another one died when he crashed a stolen car into a cocaine vending machine.
Thousands of people though have reported multiple bullet holes to their bodies.
Today, the only visible damage is looted stores, dead people roaming the streets
and decapitated police officers screaming in pain.
Other than that, the situation is completely under control.



Jewish Catholic priest rabbi kkk photo

Dyslexic KKK rabbi on his way to Catholic school



baby dolphin photo

This is the first baby boy EVER who can live and breathe entirely underwater.
His father is a diver and his mother is a mermaid.
He likes to play with his dolphins. A Bermuda Triangle shark is his nanny.
His name is NeMo and he speaks H2O.



Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Paris New York photo

Picture of a demoralized Angelina Jolie in Midtown Manhattan after yet another unsuccessful job interview



God Afghanistan war photo

He comes to us in most MERCURIAL ways



cemetery dead photo

Dead AND soaking wet ? Now that's a bit TOO much, don't you think ?


Los Angel

London BAFTA British Oscars

The British Academy of Film and Television Awards at the Royal Opera House in London
seem to have been attended only by ABSENT and UNAVAILABLE people this year



Espresso cappucino bar photo

Teutonic knight enjoying a cup of cappuccino before departing on yet another crusade



Ahmadinejad Iran Teheran Tehran muslim islam koran quran qoran infidel photo

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad formed his own Islamic rock band called "The Nuculars"
and is now ON TOUR playing all dysfunctional psychiatric punk clubs he can get a microphone in



de niro scorsese dicaprio red carpet hollywood oscar oscars golden globes academy awards pararazzi photo

Italian Mafia mobsters have infiltrated the entertainment industry
and are frequently challenging the Hollywood Jewish oligarchy for very lucrative red carpet major creative awards



Islam Koran Quran islamic Osama terrorist Guantanamo photo

International passengers waiting to board a transatlantic flight to the United States



prince william king of england

Throne salesman waiting for customers



Numbers numerology art by numerals

If you see a set of consecutive numbers, you are dull, unimaginative, mediocre and common.
If you see a set of colorful, three-dimensional and exponential LETTERS you belong to a very creative elite.



2010 Happy New Year Christmas Hanukkah greeting card photo

This is what he supposedly said : "HAPPY HANUKKAH, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR" !



Zeitgeist Kafka Magritte modern art photo

Zeitgeist Lunch Break



Nigerian Nigeria Northwest Delta Amsterdam Detroit Muslim Islamic terrorist  photo

Nigerian student traveling on Northwest Airlines from Amsterdam to Detroit



Cyndi Lauper photo

Girls just want to have REST



iraq afghanistan taliban war

U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal, a former commander of the NATO forces in Afghanistan
explains the unquantifiable quantum dynamics of an unpredictable and ever-elusive BLACK HOLE



The Morphyne Art Gallery is now open at 34, Rue du Louvre, New York, CA 90069



gourmet turkey swan ballet

Gourmet Turkeys



Afghanistan Kabul Afghan war Obama Koran Quran islam boy photo



The RECESSION seems to have hit even Texas hinterland over-priced high fashion boutiques



Obama Obamao Oba Mao China Great Wall photo

President Barack Obama has been visiting China
supposedly searching for the economic and political wisdom to replace our constitutional free market capitalist system



Magritte modern art museum surrealism surrealist painter artist Louve d'Orsay photo

Portrait of a man from the past



The MORPHYNE everyday face cream works like a MIRACLE even on women over 4,000 years old



Helmut Newton erotic photography photo real estate agent with horizontal condominium buyer



vincent van gogh louvre museum

Vincent van Dogh



Obama Sarkozy Democrats Paris Carla Bruni photo

According to the latest polls, President Obama would at this point not only win the Nobel Peace Prize
but also the Vietnam War, the 2016 Copenhagen Olympics, an Oscar, American Idol and the NBA most valuable player award



Florida Beach runway fashion photo shoot

The Mother Theresa 2009 Summer Swimsuit Collection



Marie Antoinette Napoleon French revolution Versailles Louvre Paris photo

Marie Antoinette
( 1755 -1793 )
Self Portrait with Subliminal Message



Obama pirate healthcare insurance reform

President Obama wants to make sure that his health care plan hires the most experienced and competent CEO



taliban afghanistan afp getty

Taliban fighters before they ever gave a damn about Taliban fighting



Godot Beckett Ionesco theater theatre photo

Waiting for Go d'Eau



National Geographic animal planet sulawesi monkey photo

Transcendental hippie monkey with vertical Malibu haircut



tiger woods golf photo

With golf holes this big, no wonder Tiger Woods wins every time !



ass obama sarkozy paris magazine cover photo

Nicolas Sarkozy agrees with Barack Obama that a HOT STIMULUS PACKAGE is very hard NOT to follow



Iran Tehran Teheran Ahmadinejad fuck photo

-What are you looking at ?



Jews Jew Jewish Israel Jerusalem holy bible photo

The Running of the Jews



Tour de France Paris China Mao photo

In order to cut COSTS the Tour de France is taking place in China this year



Picasso Louvre Museum modern art photo

Picture of the current RECESSION as seen by



angelina jolie brad pitt tattoo sex photo

We now know what Brad Pitt reads over and over again during his BEST literary moments



Catholic sex Toscani fashion photo



Islam Islamic Afghanistan Taliban Osama Obama koran quran

Afghan women at an Islamic beauty salon



Israel beach surfing Mediterana Mediteranean

Surfing the Dead Sea



Dalai Lama Richard Gere Buddha Tibet buddhism Holy God Jesus Christ photo

-I'm gonna kick your ass !



gaza israel occupation photo

Israeli soldier celebrating a temporary cease-fire in the occupied Palestinian territory



Africa African Zulu tribe war Nigeria Kenya

African guy bringing peace and prosperity to his village



US Army Afghanistan Kandahar Pakistan war photo

Soldier with TOY gun in radical Taliban mujaheddin territory (Kandahar, Afghanistan)



Perrier water comedy photo

Multiple Choice



Shakespeare Hamlet Romeo Juliet King Lear Richard III photo

William Shakespeare looking at a very old picture of himself as a very young man



Louvre Museum Art Gallery Paris France photo

A painting simply walked away from the Louvre Museum today



Notre Dame wine cabernet merlot Paris France French photo

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris after a few bottles of wine



Money Warren Buffett Bill Gates millionaire billionaire stocks mutual funds hedge fund bank citibank fidelity investments bernard madoff american express bnp stock exchange photo

-Oops, I just made another million dollars ! (Warren Buffett)



Taliban Ray Ban

NEW Taliban sunglasses with fashionable analog anti-aircraft positioning system



Jew jewish jews hassidic orthodox zionist israel photo

Hasidic Jews deliberately burning in Orthodox Hell
( Auguste Renoir, 1841-1919 )



flower flowers swim swimsuit swimming bipolar Valium

Bipolar Sunday swimmer melancholically eulogizing her youth



horse racing paris grand prix

An undercover horse named INCOGNITO has anonymously won the Paris Grand Prix



sun eclipse moon einstein relativity quantum physics theory photo

The dark side of the sun during an accidental eclipse of the moon



Einstein photo

The writer of with his father



Woody Allen Scarlett Johansson jewish movies stars photo

The writer of with his wife



scarlett johansson vuitton ad photo




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